Think You’ve Found The One – Use These Signs To Tell

Do you think you’re dating the ‘One’? We’re not talking Neo-Matrix-The-One, we’re speaking about that special person that makes your heart beat faster than you can imagine. But how can you tell? That’s the hardest part. Are these feelings just for now or forever? Or is it because you are dating someone new and exciting that makes it feel like you’re dating the one?

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the thoughts. We have uncomfortable (and stomach inducing) signs that you are actually dating the ‘One’.

You let your guard down – and let them in.

The hardest part of your relationship? Letting your guard down and opening up. This means all your deepest feelings and emotions come bubbling out. With the right person, you’ll do it and you won’t even notice. That’s the thing, suddenly, all those walls you’ve built are down and you truly be yourself.  And that person loves you for it.

They know the weirdest things about you.

We’re talking about the smell of your farts, the certain foods that make you sick, the timing of your cycle. These are the little things that bring people together. When you find yourself in a similar situation, you’ve unwilling found yourself with the ‘One’.  They know the weird things, and you know the weird things.

They make you crazy – but in a good way.

This ain’t the crap of The Bachelor. Love can be a pain in the butt. If you find yourself being driven crazy by your partner (or you are driving them crazy) and in the end you two are beyond happy and in love, there is a sign. That craziness is more about how much you’re in love, as opposed to how much you don’t love each other. Embrace it.

They are always there for you – even when you’re not all there.

Sometimes you’re overwhelmed. Sometimes you don’t feel like yourself. Then you see your partner and they give you that lift. It could be a smile, a joke, a gesture. In the end, you’re completely back to normal. And you do it for them. And in the midst of it all, you’re doing it as second-nature. Yerp – you’re in love.

You fight, but you’re both willing to make peace after it.

Every couple fights – but it the aftermath that matters. If you’ve come to the point that you’re willing to make peace after it and ignore the little things for the greater good, that’s a sign that you want the relationship to work. And that only matters when you’re dating ‘One’.

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