The Key Warning Signs That You’re Dating A Crazy Person

Dating is like a minefield; sooner or later, you’re going to step on a mine. In the world of dating, that means getting the hell away from a crazy person. They can ruin your life, make everything harder and really destroy your concept of a relationship. So how can you avoid the mines and find your way to getting the person you want? We have a list of five key signs that your partner is crazy!

They’re Another Level Of Jealous

There’s jealous and then there is jealous. We’re talking about the partner that is upset that the opposite sex is conversing with you, that you have friends of the other gender and worse, you hang out with them. If you find yourself that your partner is blowing up over the littlest contact (not physical obviously) with the opposite sex – get away as far as you can.

We all love to have fun with our partners, even if it is at their expense. A crazy person, though, would be able to take it. Not ever. You’ll find them getting upset at the littlest comment, explode with rage or sit around in sadness. Worse, they’ll be able to dish it out to you repeatedly and expect you to bear it. Stay clear!

They Are Always The Victim

Did you find yourself apologising to your partner even tho it is their fault? Presto – you’ve met the partner that is always the victim – even when they are the culprit.  Everything is always against your partner, everyone is against them and it never their fault. They never cause problems, stir trouble or say the wrong thing. Partners that are always the victims are probably always the crazy ones.

They Have Sudden Mood Swings

Happy one minute – insane the next? What did you say? What did you do? You probably don’t know yourself and that’s part and parcel with dating a crazy person: they have sudden mood swings. From happiness to rage in a matter of seconds. You’ll be basically walking on eggshells on the whole time.

They Invade Your Facebook

We get the post here and there – even the tag. But when you find that all your notifications are coming from your partner, you might have a problem. Speaking to another friend and they invade the convo? Being tagged in a friends-only thing and seeing them jump right in there? There is another way to showcase jealousy – through the invasion of your Facebook.

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