The Dating Mistakes You’re Making – Without Knowing It!

We all know that dating is tough. While it can be a fun and exciting experience at times, there are other times when it completely sucks. Many people will always look to blame the other people, but there might be something wrong with the approach you’re taking. You might be making some obvious mistakes – and you don’t even know it.

That is why we have researched and compiled the key mistakes that people are making when it comes to dating. Take a read of these and see if you are making these obvious mistakes.

  • You are taking things way, way, way too personally

You must remember that when it comes to dating, you have to understand: not everyone works with each other. That’s just how it is. It has nothing to do with you. It has nothing to do with anything you’ve done. It is just how it is. So don’t take it personally. Take it in a “come-n-go” manner. Enjoy the ride and see where it goes. If it doesn’t work – don’t freak. It has nothing to do with you.

  • You have set up the “ultimate person” in your head – and they don’t exist

Yes, everyone does this. You set up standards and person in your head that you believe is right for you. Well, that person doesn’t exist. Never will. The problem here is that by nitpicking, you are missing out and cutting out potential lovely – and special – people in your life. Cut down the list and take it as it goes. That regular person might turn out to be the ultimate person for you.

  • Thinking you need “instant chemistry”

Putting too much expectation in the first date can be real killer. Relationships take time to grow, so thinking that you need an instant chemistry impact is not going to work. The same applies to friends – your long-lasting friendships take time to develop. The same works with relationships. Scrap the “instant impact” idea from your head and put some effort into the person. The chemistry will grow in time.

  • You’re only dating online people

Yes Twitter and E-Harmony made dating easier, but the problem with only dating people from the online world, you are only experiencing half the people out there. There is also the fact that you have put an expectation on the person you are meeting online – through photos and messages. People create a “persona” online and that will have an affect on you. Meeting them might disappoint you. You have to focus on branching out and experiencing a pure form of meeting and dating people.

If you are doing these mistakes – it’s time to take the focus and rejuvenate your dating experience by going the opposite way. Trust us, it will pay off!

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