Guaranteed Speed Dating Advice For Men

Guys – we know it’s difficult to be cool at speed dating events. That is why we have come up with some vital and important tips for you, so you can bring out the best in yourself, enjoy the speed dating event and meet some a lovely lady! Follow these tips and you will notice the difference:

Look Good.
Women make an effort to impress men – so they same should be said of you. Dress to impress and look good. If you are unsure about what you should wear, go for the smart casual look – it’s the perfect balance.

Sell Your Good Points.
Remember that you are on the clock, so don’t waste time chatting about the crap things about your life. Go for the positive aspects of your life, talk about our hobbies and the exciting things you’ve been doing. Make the most of your time with the girl – and focus on your positive aspects.

Be Positive.
If you go in with a negative mindset, you’ll never met anyone. You have to go into a speed dating session with a positive mindset and to be open. You will enjoy the night more so and you can get to experience the best of the night. This change of mindset can be all the difference to meeting someone special.

Be Yourself.
An obvious one, but one that many men do not follow. They try to be someone else to impress the women they are sitting in front of. You will either get caught out of your lie, or worse, if you actually like the girl and things progress, you have to keep it going. James Bond is a movie character. Be yourself and be confident in yourself – this is they key to establishing a solid relationship with a woman.