We pride ourselves in being one of the few dating services that genuinely want you to find your special partner. Our events are structured in a way to encourage a real connection while also being fun. It's what separates us from the rest and this is why each event sells out weeks in advance.

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  I came with one expectation and that was to have fun! This event didn't dissappoint! The venue was great, the host was entertaining and there were a great selection of people to get to know that I would never usually meet in my own circle of friends. A great experience overall. Highly recommended!!

thumb Julie Thai

  Thanks for arranging such a wonderful fun night to meet some outgoing beautiful ladies, great venue and nice environment which made it so much easier to talk and mingle with the ladies. I recommend more people to attend, highly exceeded my expectation

thumb Benjamin Lam

  The most spectacular thing about the whole process was the sheer amount of bilge you can cover with someone you have never met before within minutes. Grown-up mix of musical chairs & snap, good food and great ambience are a plus. Don't worry bout feeling awkward, the host won't fail to make you feel relaxed - A C E ! Instead of "slapping" left and right in the app - it's all about meeting new people here. Time to get out from your couch, dress up and make some friends! � It will be fun!

thumb Sue Ann

  Exceeded my expectations, had a really great time!

thumb Aaron Lagias

  Benny is the hottest with the mostest - very cool, very nice, I like it.

thumb Joel Chidiac

  I went to last weeks event and had a great time. Met some other guys and girls who also are new to Melbourne and made new connections. Everyone and the hosts were so friendly.

thumb Mina Mio

  Wish I did it sooner.. heaps of fun and pretty girls!

thumb Lazz Tomic

  It was lovely to meet men in my age group with such a great variety of personalities and backgrounds! I was very impressed and it was a much better way of meeting and chatting with single men than looking at a photo and reading a profile or screaming over a band. Thanks for a great night. I'd definitely go again 🙂

thumb Fran Collings

  Great vibe and venue. Host was fun. Overall an entertaining night!

thumb Katherine Lee

  When my girlfriend told me she got us tickets I have to admit I was like "speed dating, really?"... but I had a blast. The host was real funny and as soon as we started all the awkwardness dissappeared. Great night, recommend 🙂

thumb Jessica Wang

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