We pride ourselves in being one of the few dating services that genuinely want you to find your special partner. Our events are structured in a way to encourage a real connection while also being fun. It's what separates us from the rest and this is why each event sells out weeks in advance.

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  • 5 star review  Met interesting people in a comfortable setting. It's a great way to meet new people and have fun in a party night, well organized and provided with great services it was an exciting dating at the beginning and wonderful experience at the end.

    thumb Peter Jiang

    5 star review  

    thumb Indy Sadewa

    5 star review  Just spectaclar night i really recommend to those who want to try

    thumb สาวิตรี สีเขียว

    5 star review  Great night in an excellent venue. The crowd was fun. The host was friendly and welcoming. Loved the snacks at halftime!

    thumb Holly Kong

    5 star review  Was a very interesting evening. Had some great conversation and bagged some cheeky numbers. Would definitely go again.

    thumb Nathan Berriman

    5 star review  

    thumb Yi-Chin Kuo

    5 star review  

    thumb Andre Renato

    5 star review  I am glad I went.. wasn't expecting the girls to be this pretty. I told my mates.. we are gonna do it again

    thumb Tommi Asikainen
  • 5 star review  

    thumb Erick Lie

    5 star review  

    thumb Hayden De Moor

    5 star review  Decided to try out speed dating, which is something that's not usually for me but I'm really glad I went! I really enjoyed myself and met some great guys.

    thumb Kes Mayers

    5 star review  I got so sick of online dating and meeting the same type of people- really glad to have tried this. The event, venue and food was great. More importantly the people I met were impressive.

    thumb Nadja Lo

    5 star review  

    thumb Emma Baumgaertner

    5 star review  I went to last Thursdays event and had a killer time. The people I met were all friendly professionals but the best part was everyone had the right attitude. I've gone to an event with another company before which seemed like it was just a money grab. Anyway I recommend we click events

    thumb Peter Lorenzo Landolfo

    5 star review  Nice venue, and nice finger food. It was my first time speed dating ever, so I went in nervous, but I was smiling and laughing non-stop. The host was great. The ladies get to relax while the guys rotate. All in all, it was a good experience. I would go again.

    thumb Suzen Riverson

    5 star review  Really nice^_^

    thumb Katrina Lin
  • 4 star review  Went to my first event last night, first time doing anything like this and i had great time. I went with no expectations and an open mind, i have to say the night was run well, the host Benny was nice and e endeavoured to ensure the group had a gpod time. The majority of the attendees were nice (bar one guy with no concept of personal space and one fairly inappropriate question). All in all great way to spend a Thursday night meeting some new people and i will probably attend again at some point. �

    thumb Lorah Hickman

    5 star review  I had a great time and I'm glad I tried it. My advice is don't hesitate.

    thumb Sandy Liu

    5 star review  Loved it!

    thumb Varaporn P Nan Candy

    Went to a We Click Speed dating event last week . Welcoming host, very well organised, quality woman and yes, two matches...win !!

    thumb Adrian Gualano

    5 star review  Having been to one of your events I found it very interesting and entertaining. I can thoroughly recommend the experience, as there were some very interesting people there and had I been looking for a partner, this would have been a very promising event, as 2 women certainly appeared to be interested in me and equally would have appealed to me also. So, if you are seriously looking for a partner I advise you to take step in the right direction and attend 1, or more of these events. You will get to meet a smorgas board of delightfull people who all attend with the same positive idea in mind: to find a suitable partner! You will get to meet and talk to many candidates of opposite gender. Go for it!

    thumb Hank Meijer

    5 star review  

    thumb Jenny Xiao

    5 star review  Benny is the hottest with the mostest - very cool, very nice, I like it.

    thumb Joel Chidiac

    5 star review  

    thumb Sandy Le
  • 5 star review  I actually met normal people! Totally recommend it. The night was well run and the venue had a lot of charm

    thumb Nadia Lauri

    5 star review  Thanks for arranging such a wonderful fun night to meet some outgoing beautiful ladies, great venue and nice environment which made it so much easier to talk and mingle with the ladies. I recommend more people to attend, highly exceeded my expectation

    thumb Benjamin Lam

    5 star review  Totally exceeded my expectations - I enjoyed the night and was impressed with the quality of the guests.

    thumb Johnny Bosh

    5 star review  

    thumb Jem Dilek

    5 star review  This is really good I’ve ever seen. Recommend!!!

    thumb 송경수

    5 star review  Glad I tried it, met some wonderful gentlemen

    thumb Praporn Phimoolchart

    5 star review  

    thumb Adem Dervish

    5 star review  

    thumb ĐạtØø Tấn Øø Øø
  • 5 star review  Invited out of the blue, I started attending events led by the host, and was blown away! Very friendly atmosphere and plenty of mingling and fun! Its a great way to cut loose and get to know people, and maybe even find a particular friend. Whether you are looking for the special somebody or just a good time, you can depend on the host to make your weekend memorable!

    thumb Jorim Su

    5 star review  Awesome event to find a right person. Girls n boys, if you are looking a quality speed date. This is the right place for y.

    thumb Bing Yuan

    5 star review  Had a fun time meeting different people guided by the entertaining host.

    thumb Michael Soutar

    5 star review  

    thumb Cambria Brockley

    I would recommend We Click Events if you are sick of dating apps/flakes/timewasters and want to genuinely connect with people face to face as people should. Even if you don't find that special someone - you can always make friends or network. In this day and age where people are so dependent upon dating apps - it is refreshing to have We Click Events fill such a great need in the dating arena.

    thumb Andrew Huynh

    5 star review  

    thumb Rose Mayfield

    5 star review  

    thumb Daniela Moya

    5 star review  I've tried other company's but this was the most professional but also fun. Felt like real dates. And the food was awesome!

    thumb Nana Meow
  • 5 star review  The venue and food was spectacular, and I wasnt expecting that much for the price of the ticket. But more importantly the guests were all friendly and everyone had the right attitude. Im glad I went.

    thumb Waleed Osman Glaidos

    Well organised and friendly host, would recommend

    thumb Alden Ho

    5 star review  

    thumb Shelley McLean

    5 star review  I was pleasantly surprised at how well organised & fun of an event it was! Absolutely recommend to any single person who'd like to get amongst it. The host was charismatic & very lovely. Will definitely do it again! �

    thumb Sam Stanislavskis

    5 star review  I met a lovely gentlemen at the over 40 and we've been unseperable ever since! I really can't praise 'we click' enough and have recommended the events to all my friends.

    thumb Linda Meijer

    5 star review  

    thumb Kim Melinda

    attended the event on Thursday night 37-49 age group my first dating experience was great I had a great time met some really nice people great atmosphere excellent service had a great night I would recommend we click events

    thumb Paul Archagelidis

    5 star review  I've tried other companies of which I will not name, I thought I'd give this one a go. These even locations were nice and cosy and felt nicer than others. The hosts were nice and funny made for an enjoyable night.

    thumb Willis Thong
  • 5 star review  

    thumb Joanna Statov

    5 star review  

    thumb Kelly Thong

    5 star review  

    thumb Katie Chou

    5 star review  When my girlfriend told me she got us tickets I have to admit I was like "speed dating, really?"... but I had a blast. The host was real funny and as soon as we started all the awkwardness dissappeared. Great night, recommend 🙂

    thumb Jessica Wang

    5 star review  

    thumb Bashir Khayat

    5 star review  

    thumb Dylan Alexander

    5 star review  Excellent and highly organised model and guaranteed fun. :0)

    thumb Khan Dervish

    5 star review  Been single for a while and it’s good meet some new people through we click � had a very wonderful evening with all wonderful people ��

    thumb Sylvia Lee
  • 5 star review  It was lovely to meet men in my age group with such a great variety of personalities and backgrounds! I was very impressed and it was a much better way of meeting and chatting with single men than looking at a photo and reading a profile or screaming over a band. Thanks for a great night. I'd definitely go again 🙂

    thumb Fran Collings

    5 star review  Great event, well run, nice venue, interesting fun night

    thumb Dave Olly

    5 star review  10 outta 10 - had heaps of fun and met some great people

    thumb Daniel Kim

    5 star review  When first i heard about Speed Dating my first thought was it's like that famous '40 years old virgin movie' and can't believe it does actually exist here in Melbourne. The idea of going to this event, i cant help shy giggling but also curious at the same time, the atmosphere is really great and the Host on the other hand; not only charming but really professional at what he do, he just know how to greet all of us and makes us feels comfortable, relax and welcome. I really think this is a great event, for those who have busy lifestyle at work and don't have time to socialise or find partner and not even online dating (oh dear). Coming to this event will definitely help us to socialise and meet real people who's actually looking for The One, Not only for a quick fun.

    thumb Priscilla Jennifer

    5 star review  Glad that I actually gave it go bcos it was a lot of fun. Definitely would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in attending the events !

    thumb Cara Mio

    5 star review  It was a good experience and a really cool venue. 👌🏼👍🏼

    thumb Paola Johana

    5 star review  

    thumb Jessie Rose

    5 star review  

    thumb Michael Di Pietro
  • 5 star review  

    thumb Sandy Velagapudi

    5 star review  

    thumb Janelle Monica

    5 star review  

    thumb Thidarat Songwan

    5 star review  

    thumb Orange Lee

    5 star review  

    thumb Kristina Jorgandzijovski

    5 star review  

    thumb Calvin Chang

    5 star review  Amazing Speed Date! The energy and sparks created when WE CLICK...is beyond other dating formats. Had an awesome time!

    thumb Dean Cocks

    5 star review  Five stars! Awesome it was so much fun and I recommend it

    thumb Greys Karina Nocua
  • 5 star review  Had a few doubts at first but ended up having loads of fun and met really nice people!

    thumb Elisa Franchini

    4 star review  The office team were quick to reply to an email I forwarded which already puts this company waaaaay ahead in terms of service compared with others in the singles matchmaking game. The communication was clear, the team were accommodating and the host on the night (Benny?) was excellent. It's a nice venue without too many distractions, and the evening was well run and highly professional. The atmosphere was chill and good for conversation. The singles were all fairly high quality people, which I think is a major downfall of so many singles events! I guess We Click attract a certain kind of single. 🙂 Finally, the follow up matches was prompt and simple. My only suggestion for improvement is to cater to dietary. There was nothing vegetarian at all except a tiny bowl of fries to share. This is a huge oversight. It's not rare to have a number of dietary/allergies these days and catering to them isn't hard in Melbourne!

    thumb Sam Kurikawa

    5 star review  Very well organised and a great venue. I met some great people and made new friends. I usually feel weird at these things but the atmosphere makes you feel like being yourself. Thanks

    thumb Daniel Spinello

    5 star review  I've been meaning to try this out for ages cause I'd read so many good reviews. At first I was sceptical but after the first date.. I got the hang of it and had an awesome time. The hosts are fun and the event didn't feel like a dating event. It felt like organic and like a natural moment. Highly recommend.

    thumb Amid Soleimani Yazdi

    5 star review  Was a great event, awesome atmosphere, entertaining host and it was awesome to meet so many people and have engaging conversations! Def a fun night!

    thumb Lorraine Henrietta Lau

    5 star review  I was so glad I plucked up the courage to attend my first event. Run mainly on Thursday nights with an approachable host and set inside a warm intimate venue. I went on approximately 12 dates where there was a short fuel (finger food) stop in the middle, with ample opportunity to mingle before and after the event. Run professionally and was so impressed, a great way to spend a weeknight out socialising.

    thumb Cindy Chan

    5 star review  

    thumb Daniel Margrie

    5 star review  

    thumb Ganlayanee Za

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