Seven Short Sharp Reasons On Why Speed Dating Is Awesome.

Still thinking about coming to a speed dating event, but you’re not 100% sure that you can commit to it? Don’t worry. We got the list for you. The list that tells you why speed dating is awesome. Sit back and have a read of it today:

  1. You will actually enjoy yourself. Forget the uncomfortable nerves – that’s normal. At the end of the night, you will realise the fun you had.

  2. Safer than online dating. That’s obvious. At speed dating events at least you’re seeing the person face to face.

  3. You might actually the “one”. And that is not a Ted Mosby joke. Many people end up falling in love and finding the one at speed dating events. So you never know your luck.

  4. Everyone is single there! Where else in Melbourne are you going to find a place where everyone is single.

  5. You have endless opportunities. Fine, maybe one night is a bad one and you can’t find anyone. But there is always a chance the next time. And that is the beauty of speed dating, there is always another chance around the corner.

  6. It is night out. Why stay home and be bored when you can meet you people? You don’t necessary have to find the one, but you could make new friends in the long run.

  7. You will be breaking the habit. Sometimes you need something new to kick-start your life again. Speed dating can do that for you. It is fun, adventurous and you never know what you are going to get.

These are the seven key reasons on why speed dating is awesome. So next time you are thinking about trying something different, reach out to We Click. We have the speed dating events for you in Melbourne.