Questions To Avoid At Speed Dating Events.

We get there is a lot of excitement when it comes to speed dating events. Most people are very nervous and are focused on making a good impression, and in their moments, say something wrong or stupid. So to make things easier, we have provided you with a list of questions that you should avoid asking at speed dating events.

Where do you live? 

If you want to sound like a stalker, this is probably the question to avoid. It makes people uncomfortable in the long run.

Why did you end it with your last partner?

These details are private and you shouldn’t pry this early. It is uncomfortable this early into meeting someone.

How much do you make?

If you want to sound like a gold digger than this is it for you. People are private about how much they make. Plus it is very rude to ask. So avoid this question.

Why are you single?

The same question can be asked directly to you, and we are sure you probably don’t want to answer it. So don’t be a jackass and ask. People are self-conscious at speed dating events and you are going to make it worst.

Can I have your contact details? 

Unless you are guaranteed a follow-up date, then don’t jump in too early and ask. People are private and might be comfortable handing out private information this early in a meeting. Now, might the situation might lead to something fruitful and you might be forced to ask these questions, but only do so when you are 100% confident that there is going to be a follow-up date.

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