Never too old or young for Speed dating 

never too old for speed dating

There is a great misconception about speed dating: that it is only for people looking to get married and in the prime of their lives, roughly between the ages of 28 to 35. But that is the furthest thing from the truth. Speed dating in Melbourne is for everyone, for both the young (above the legal age of 18) and the old (above 50). You should be excited to know that you never too old or too young for speed dating. And here is why:

You will meet people in your age bracket

When it comes to meeting people your own age, you don’t have to worry, especially with the likes of We Click in charge. Many speed dating events are catered to your age group, and thanks to the restrict regulations that come with it, you are guaranteed to meet people in your age group. Whether that is for young people or older people (above 50), you can be sure that you will meet people within your age range.

You will get to make new friends…or something more! 

Thanks to the strict restrictions that come with allowing people into speed dating groups, you will meet people with the same interests, ambitions and goals. This means that you will meet people that share your interests, that can become your friends, or if you are lucky enough, even more.

The venues are made for your age group

Part of the process that comes with speed dating is to make sure that the venues are appropriate for our age group. This is why we go through a thorough process in which venues are found that suit your age group. We Click has the right venue for both young events (25+) to older events (plus 50).

It is awesome fun! 

This is the most obvious answer that it should be answered first! When it comes to speed dating, there is a sense of anxiousness and excitement. You don’t know what to expect, but you are beyond excited to see what will happen. You will experience nothing but the best excitement and realise the joy that comes with speed dating at any age. For more, check out our mature speed dating events.

Book your place with We Click now. We run Australia’s biggest speed dating events and will help you get real and step away from the touch screen of dating. 

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