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This is it, Australia's only naked speed dating event. With the popularity of 'naked dating' TV shows, there has been a modern attitude shift towards nudity and meeting new people. We are now open minded and curious to try new things that take adrenaline to the edge. This event attracts all body shapes and sizes with all that's needed being a willingness for a once in a life experience.

Guests are given silk-robes and undress in the separate private areas. You can choose to be bare naked under your robe or keep your underwear on. Our hosts (also nude/undies) will break the ice and get you mingling while you can hit any nerves with a drink at the bar. Robes are removed and then the dates begin! Full nudity is optional and you are free to keep your underwear / robe on. Gents don't worry, we make sure the room is nice and warm!

From our experience, by the end of the night usually everyone ends up naked. You get the initial looks at first, but it flows into natural conversation like any normal date. You will find conversation doesn't revolve around your nudity or body. This is an empowering event that pushes back all the traditionally conventions surrounding dating. Simply put, its the second most fun you can have with your clothes off!

Our naked dating events are run in Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane, Wollongong, Central Coast, Geelong, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.

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Privacy is paramount so there are no pictures or recording permitted with phones/bags locked away for the duration of the evening. Your details are only swapped with those guests you want to match with. Below previous event pics taken with permission. No more marketing shots will be taken.


The venue is privately booked with only nude dating guests allowed. Our hosts will provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere allowing you to be yourself.  Mutual respect is required and any inappropriate behavior will be instantly actioned and the guest removed.


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