Increasing your chances at speed dating events

So you’ve turned up at your speed dating event and you’re looking to increase your numbers. Well, don’t get all worried about, we got some valuable tips for you when it comes to increasing your matches at speed dating events in Melbourne.

  1. Don’t be phony.
    Remember that people can spot a fake. So if you’re going in with a fake personality, there is a chance this is the reason you’re not getting the matches you want. Be yourself and be confident in your abilities. You’ll notice the difference.

  2. No mentioning of past lovers.
    Don’t bring up ex’s, wild flings or people that you are armoured with. This a bad idea and will kill the joy out of any conversation. Avoid the topic and if it does come up, be positive about it; it will at least sound like you’re not bitter about it.

  3. Give the person a chance to speak.
    People get nervous in these events and they end up talk forever. Relax and the let the conversation go with the flow. Allow for the other person to speak, and try to get a natural flow going. This will let the date know that you can listen and be interested in them.

  4. Take the compliment.
    This is one of those tricky things with speed dating: to accept the compliment or not? Not matter what the compliment is, a date always rejects it as a way of saying their, or you’re, not good enough. Don’t do it. The rejection will make things worst. Take the compliment, say thanks and smile. It will make the difference.

By following these tips, you will notice the increase in matches at speed dating events. These little attitude changes can make all the difference and will make these events more enjoyable and fun.