If He’s Showcasing These Four Clear Signs – He Loves You!

Does he love me? Does he not? It’s the two questions that women bounce around in their heads when they’re dating a new guy. One day you feel it; the other you don’t. Men are known to hide their emotions, so it can be hard to really distinguish between a man that loves you to one that is just having ‘fun’.
So how do you solve this little dilemma? Easy. Read below to find the four signs that your man is truly heads over heels about you.

Sign One: He messages you to see how you’re doing

Men are known for not being overly affection or over the top. So if your man is sending you texts randomly throughout the day, checking up on you, asking how you’re feeling or texting you ‘stupid funny’ messages, this is a clear sign that he’s really into you. He probably loves you at this point. Why? Because it’s not in the nature of men to be overly affection so when they are, it’s a clear sign that he’s fallen in love with you.

Sign Two: He’ll go out of his way to help you with anything

If your boyfriend is going out of his way to help you with anything – household, work, hanging out, the works – it is clear that he is completely fallen in love with you. Men who go all the way helping their women to make their life easier, want to do it because they love them and see it as nothing big.

Sign Three: He asks you about your day – and actually listens!

He just doesn’t want to know what you’ve done; he wants to know all the little details – the why’s, the what’s and the how’s. The up’s and down’s are just as important to him as what you actually did because to him, it’s the most important thing in the world. He sees your life connecting with his and in doing so, he wants to be part of yours. And asking about your day – intermittently – is a clear sign.

Sign Four: He asks for your opinion – and takes it!

We all know the troupe of men: they listen to all their friends but never to you. Well, when they ask for your opinion and then takes it, it means he values the way that you see the world and wants to make sure that his life aligns with yours as much as possible. He wants your input on his life because — maybe without even knowing it — he is trying to merge his with yours.

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