It's simple. Choose the night you want to attend by clicking on EVENTS. Once checkout is complete you will receive a confirmation email reserving your seat.

And now the night has arrived!

It's best to show up 15 minutes prior to the event start time so we can assign your seat. The bar will be open throughout the night so you can use this time for a refreshment. Once all the daters have arrived, your hosts will give you a date-card, pen and name tag.

Ladies will be assigned a table and will remain seated for the portion of the event. The Gents will move lady to lady after each 6-8 minute date. After each date is over, you will mark your date-card with a YES or NO. It really is that simple! At the end of the night, you return your date-cards to the hosts. You will be emailed within 24 hours with your matches.

A match occurs when two daters have recorded YES on their cards. The results are anonymous so daters will only be aware of who chose them if they matched.

There is 1 break throughout the night where you can get yourself some food or a drink. As the dates can whiz by in a flash, you can also use this break time to mingle with those you want to get to know more. Once the event is over, feel free to hang around at the bar, as for many, the night has only just begun.

Gay / Lesbian events:

The events are run just like what is written above for the straight events. Apart from one big difference. We don't just split the group in the middle where one group only gets to date the other group. Using our special seating arrangement, you get a date with every other guest who attends.

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