Got a friend that needs that extra push into the dating game? Our gift vouchers are a popular motivator that really helps getting them dating again.

Step 1:
Purchase gift card and put YOUR DETAILS in the billing details section.

Step 2:
Put THEIR DETAILS in the guest details box. You will need to know their:

  • Full Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email

You will also have an option to place any message on the gift card.

Step 3:
We will SMS & EMAIL the voucher to your friend. This can be credited to you or we can send it to them as an anonymous gift.

All our events are $34 so as long as they fit the event criteria, they can use it for any event, anywhere in Australia.


There is a 3 month expiry date for the voucher from date of purchase. This is to make sure they use it and don't just sit on their hands. We want them at the event as much as you. So we also will keep reminding them each month.

If they have made attempts to use it but the event has sold out, we will extend the voucher for the next suitable event in case it has expired.