Four things Girls can expect at a Speed Dating event

Speeding dating is a great option when it comes to meeting new people. Being a woman, you might expect it to be an awkward experience playing ‘date musical chairs’. But that’s what makes it exciting and different. Within an hour you will date more guys than you could over a month. One of those guys could be Mr Right. If you haven’t tried speed dating before we have prepared some things to expect on the night. To make the event work in your favour, use these strategies to help guide you in your quest for romance.. and maybe even love.

1. Expose the deal breakers 

You might not know what you are looking for, but you know what you don’t want. Try to find out if he ticks the ‘dud’ box by asking questions that will help disqualify him. Is he travelling and will be leaving town in the next week? If excessive drinking or partying too hard are things you want to avoid in a partner, ask if he likes to have big weekend benders.

2. Give him a quick scan

Check out your dates grooming. Does his shirt look like he slept in it last night? Even though we like to create an atmosphere of relaxed dating- you will only have mere minutes to click with him. So how he presents himself visually will be a strong deciding factor. Notice his smile. You might both be awkward at first, but a genuine smile is hard to hide and will find its way to your date.

3. Keep the pace

Ask your dates different questions. Not only will this avoid the repetitiveness of your dates but it will also help you keep your ‘fist date buzz’. Does it really matter what he does for a career or are you hunting for that lawyer or doctor? Get him talking about what’s importing to him by showing interest in what he has to say. Body language will give him the confidence to let him know he is hitting the right chords with you. Maintain eye contact, lean in and remember to smile.

4. Be prepared to make new friends

Whether it’s the girls you meet at the event to chat about your dates, or the guys that don’t lead to anything serious, you will walk away with some new friendships. Even if you didn’t find Prince Charming on the night, the event will give you an opportunity to practice your flirting and your conversation techniques with the opposite sex.

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