Conversation Starter: We Click’s Guide to Icebreakers

Let’s face it, first dates can be awkward.  It’s not that you’re not clicking with the other person, it may just be nerves, or that you’re shy.  We’ve all been on those dates where we don’t know how to start a conversation and the date turns out to be a disaster.  We’re here to stop bad first dates once and for all.

With our guide to fun first date icebreakers, you’ll become a master at first date conversation.  Read on to find out our top tips!

Pick a First Date You’re Both Interested In

In our world of always being connected, chances are you’re already deep in conversation with your new date through exchanging phone numbers or social media.  While those conversations may seem easy while hiding behind a screen, when it comes time to talk in person, it’s a different story.  A great way to break the ice on your first official date is to find out each other’s’ interests and plan a date around common interests.

Most people think a first date is the typical dinner date – those can be incredibly awkward if you’re not a master conversationalist.  Planning a date around a fun activity you both enjoy is a great way to quickly become comfortable with one another and makes it easy to have meaningful conversation.  If you’re both genuinely having fun you won’t worry about what to say next.

Bring Something to Talk About

If you have a hobby you’re passionate about, it’s often a good idea to bring something along to spark a conversation – however, you’ll want to gauge your date to see what they’re comfortable with.  Start off with something simple, like a recent book you read that you’d want them to borrow or an exciting souvenir from a recent trip.

Bringing something simple that you’re personally interested in gives you something to talk about that also shares some information about yourself.  If you’re dwindling on conversation starters, bring out what you’ve brought to get the conversation going again.

Group Dates

For those of us out there that are shy to a fault, a group date is a great way to ease into the dating scene.  A group date allows everyone to relax and have fun – no single person has to carry the conversation or feel pressured to chime in.  It’s a great way to mingle with friends while getting to know your new date.

Group dates are very fun and interactive, meaning you’ll get to see how your new date does in a social setting.  You can learn a lot about a person by seeing how they are in social engagements.  When it’s more than just a one on one date, everyone can be part of the fun.

How Does We Click Work?

We bring the fun and excitement of speed dating to a whole new level – we want to get back to the traditional dating scene that doesn’t take place on a phone.  Our fun events allow real human connections where you can find someone special.

Getting involved in a We Click event is simple.  Simply peruse our list of events in the area, register, and complete checking out online.  You’ll receive a confirmation email with your seat reservation.  Your next step is to prepare for a very fun night.

We recommend showing up 15 minutes prior to the event starting to get your seat.  You’ll get a date card, a pen, and a name tag.  Gentlemen will move about tables to meeting eligible bachelorettes – each speed date will last 6 to 7 minutes.  After each speed date, you’ll mark your card with a Yes or a No.  You’ll be emailed within 24 hours with your matches.

Book your place with We Click now. We run Australia’s biggest speed dating events and will help you get real and step away from the touch screen of dating. 

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