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City Speed Dating is our most popular event with weekly Speed Dating in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Central Coast, Perth, Wollongong, Geelong, Newcastle, Hobart, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast. We make it easy for you to choose from a selection of age brackets and themes to pick from. You will go on a minimum of 10-12 'mini-dates' and test your chemistry face to face.

Instantly you will see how different it is to online dating. The human connection cannot be replicated by an online profile and this is why we have been creating couples since 2014. We are famous for the quality of guests who attend due to our screening process. Learn more about that here.

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Maybe you’ve been Speed Dating before. But it’s nothing like what we do. Our City Dating events take the awkwardness out and replace it with sheer excitement. The dates feel cosy yet also genuine and you will forget you are at a Speed Dating event.


It’s not what you’re expecting and so much of how dating is supposed to be! Just tick yes/no on your card. Once a mutual match is established, there’s a lot less anxiety because your match already knows you said “yes.”


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