Being Yourself – How to Navigate New Relationships

Most people are nervous for a first date. You’re meeting a new person, you might be in a new place, and you’re trying to navigate a new relationship. When that happens, we often try to put our best foot forward at all times. However, that can also mean not being yourself when you first start dating someone new.

We think that you should always be comfortable being yourself from the very beginning, but we also know that’s much easier said than done. Here’s how you can navigate new relationships successfully.

First Date Nerves

Like we mentioned, going on a first date can be extremely nerve-wracking. Whether it’s a casual coffee or a fine dining experience, first dates can make us feel vulnerable and sometimes uncomfortable. The first step to navigating a new relationship, and having a successful first date, is understanding that it’s okay to be nervous.

In fact, your date will probably be just as nervous as you are. Being nervous is one of the fun parts of dating someone new. Everything is exciting, and you’re both navigating the new relationship together. Some people get so nervous that it impacts their personality, which isn’t a great way to start off with a new partner. Accepting that everyone is nervous can help you get control over your nerves.

Coming Out of Your Shell

Coming out of your shell and showing your true personality early is important in a new relationship. There are plenty of people out there who have no problem showing their personalities on a first date, but introverted people often shy away. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you want your new date to see your fun side.

A great way to come out of your shell is to have a first date in a group setting. We Click’s speed dating events are the perfect place to bring your friends to meet some new people. When you are in a group setting with people you’re already comfortable with, it’s much easier to relax and let your personality shine through.

Confidence is Key

Navigating a new relationship becomes much easier when you’re confident in yourself. When you’re confident in yourself, you’ll be much more confident in the new relationship. Confidence, like many of the other points we’ve discussed, often comes with time. But that also means it comes with growing closer to your partner.

A first date is truly about being yourself. If you are true to yourself, it’s a successful date, regardless of whether or not you keep seeing this person. Have confidence in who you are and what you want.

Becoming Comfortable With Your New Partner

After getting through the first date, you should focus on becoming comfortable with your new partner. Some people can become comfortable with one another very quickly, while others need more time. Having an open and honest line of communication makes new relationships much easier.

We Click

New relationships can be tricky, but that’s also part of the fun of dating someone new. First dates, getting to know someone, and figuring out a new partner can make dating fun and exciting. If you’re not comfortable with meeting someone out in the ‘real world,’ you should check out one of our next speed dating events. Bring a few friends and meet local singles in a group setting. You’ll be matched with singles who were interested in you at the end of the night, which can take the stress and anxiety out of asking someone out on a date.

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