7 Ways to Impress Her on the First Date

The dating world is tough. With applications like Tinder and Bumble, it’s becoming all too easy to swipe right or left; to superficially deny someone. That’s why when you get a first date with someone, you probably want to make a good impression. If this is true for you, then there’s no need to worry.

Below, you can read our top 7 ways to impress her on the first date.

Keep the Conversation Flowing

When you’re on a first date, you don’t want the other person to feel like she’s being interviewed. You should keep the conversation flowing without bombarding her with questions. When you ask her something, you should pay attention to her answer, find ways to relate to her, and ask some light questions based on her answers.

If she doesn’t seem interested in the conversation, move on. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t Check your Phone

Make sure you don’t check your phone when you’re on your date. This will give her the impression that she’s uninteresting or that your friends are more important. Not only this, but she might get annoyed if there’s always a phone buzzing in the background.

You’re better off putting your phone on silent and putting it in your pocket or to the side of the table.

Get Personal

If you really want her to be interested about you, tell her a personal story. Make sure you pick the right one, though. Choose one of your more charming stories, maybe something that’s family-oriented.

You want to give her to be interested in you and who you are so that she keeps coming back for more.

Don’t be a “Negative-Nigel”

Even if you disagree with something she says, don’t criticize her. You can disagree and you can joke around but you shouldn’t be going on a crusade about why she’s wrong.

Don’t Drink Too Much

The general rule when it comes to dating is that you should only have about two drinks on your first date.

You don’t want to have a sloppy first date, and if you’re the kind of person who gets a loose tongue, you’re better off avoiding the situation altogether by sticking to the two-drink rule.

Don’t Be Fake

This is one of the most important pieces of advice you can follow.

Women are used to dealing with men who try to impress them. The way you represent yourself on the first date will be the person she expects you to be all the time.

Physical Attraction

It’s true that looks aren’t everything. That said, there should be some physical attraction between you and your date. No relationship will work unless both people are feeling it.

One of the best tips that we can give you in this department is to wear a good-smelling cologne. For many women, a man becomes much more attractive when he wears perfume.


A first date will determine whether or not you end up in a relationship with the person you’re going out with. That’s why you need to give the best impression possible and we’ve listed the best seven ways for you to impress her.

In short, you should make sure to have physical attraction between both of you, don’t be fake, don’t drink too much, don’t be a negative-nigel, get personal, keep the conversation flowing, and don’t check your phone.

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