Select the EVENTS tab from the top of the home page where you can pick which night you want to join us. Once you have made your booking, a seat is reserved for you. You will be sent confirmation and your name will be added to the list. There is no need for printing any tickets.

Our events are always guaranteed to have between 10 – 12 dates per night.

The dates last between 6 – 7 minutes.

The night goes for about 2 hours. But it doesn’t have to end there. Many of our attendees continue on socialising at the venue.

Our age limits are strictly enforced. Please bring your ID as it will be checked to make sure you belong in the age bracket. The nicer a dater is to us, the hosts and each other the more successful the nights tend to be. If we feel the prospective dater would not be appropriate then we will respectfully decline service and we reserve the right to do so. In the unlikely scenario a guest has behaved inappropriately, they are removed from the event and banned from attending again.

The published start dates are located in the EVENTS. Please ensure you arrive 15 minutes before your start time so you can settle in and get a drink (maybe some Dutch courage). We like to make sure all our attendees have arrived before we start the dates so please be mindful of your start time.  

Although there is no formal dress code, we recommend you dress to impress. The EVENTS are held in bars so suitable clothing is appropriate.

Food is included and you are given a complimentary selection of delicious platters fresh from the kitchen that is served during the break. We always serve both vegetarian and non-veg options.

Drinks are not included in the price, but you can purchase your own from the bar where the event takes place. This allows us to keep the ticket price affordable as possible.

Tickets move fast so we recommend you REGISTER and join the mailing list to get first allocations. If however an event is sold out, send us an email and keep checking back on the event as last minute places usually become available. 

The important thing is to be yourself and try to avoid approaching the date as a job interview. Remember, you and your date are going to have a minimum 10 dates so try to avoid repetitive questions. For more on what to talk about visit our BLOG section.

Of course. Please let us know during booking if you would like to be seated near each other. Although a majority of our attendees do come alone with our hosts making sure no one feels awkward and ‘out of the circle’.

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